What we do



Desk Junction is an affordable co-working space in Leith, Edinburgh, aiming to offer a home to people starting or developing the first of their own projects. Our mission is to develop a vibrant community of passionate individuals from a variety of backgrounds; that will breed an environment of collaboration and innovation.

Based in the Musicbase building, we have an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in Edinburgh. Surrounded by the music industry our setting is very inspirational, were people from a wide mix of industries come together. By marrying these sectors we can provide a unique working space that benefits: from lower costs, longer opening hours and having many technically skilled people on hand. The building also contains a cafe, mac repair studio and the Edinburgh Escape Rooms!


Feel free to contact us at info@deskjunction.com with any questions or queries

Hot Desking 


For those needing a space to work that is both affordable and flexible, our hot desking options might be just right for you. With 10 hot desking spaces available, where you are always guaranteed a seat, the area allows for convenient office space at an affordable price.

£30 per month

Fixed Shared Desking 


For those looking shared space with co-workers while maintaining a fixed place, fixed desk sharing might be the option for you. With the larger than a normal desk but shared with one other person, this options offers both space and affordability. 

£60 per month

Fixed Desking 


Fixed Desks give you your own guaranteed space in which to work from and the ability to make the space your own. Limited in number these seats take some of the best locations in the house. 

£100 per month

Additional services 

Free on street parking 

Locker Storage from £10 per month

Fiber Optic Wi-Fi 

In house coffee shop 

Open until late 7 days a week



125 Great Junction Street



Opening Hours:

Weekdays 9am-10pm

Weekends 11am-10pm