£30 a month all included

Why Hot Desking?

At the core of any buisness, building a strong work ethic and routine is the foundation for progress and growth. The mission of Desk Junction understands this and aims to address the availability of working space for persons starting up their own business or on a limited budget. We strongly believe that regardless of background or stage of buisness that the resources to realize this should be available, not as a charitable donation, but at an affordable price where persons and companies are still valued as customers.

The flexibility of hot desking offers the ability to have your own desk and space, while being able to develop a community and meet fellow coworkers. It also offers a low commitment option if you don't know if co-working is for you by providing a cheap co-working solution to trial out.


If you would like to learn more or feel like hotdesking is something for you please contact us at info@deskjunction.com. We work on a rolling month contract  and you your first month with us is exempt from the notice giving period.